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Scott Armstrong and Patricia Ross of Best Affirmations We are so pleased that you decided to find out more about this exciting program, which is very dear to us, and perhaps the most exciting effort to date to come from the collaborative efforts of Scott Sharp Armstrong and Dr. Patricia Ross. As you may know, our first joint effort was bringing you our Best Affirmations web site, which includes the highly sought after Best Affirmations Workbook. (

As we were putting together the Best Affirmations Handbook, we immediately started thinking of the various ways we could help people with our book.  We knew we wanted to donate 2% of all profits from the book to a foundation, but couldn’t decide on just one specific cause.  At the same time we were working on the Handbook, Patricia was also editing a book about a woman from Eritrea, Africa, who has a non-profit company called Healing Bridges. 

We wanted to find a way to support her work as well as other important causes in Africa, so instead of limiting ourselves to individual organizations, we established the Affirmations for Africa Foundation.

Affirmations for Africa has two purposes:
Our first purpose is to helps fund various causes in Africa
These are organizations that offer real help to those most in need.  They don’t just funnel money into the places where they have dedicated their help, they offer solutions. These organizations include:

Healing Bridges, an organization that helps women and children in Africa by sponsoring children so that they can get an education, and by offering micro-loans to women so that they can become economically self-sufficient

Ryan’s Well: an organization dedicated to helping villages all throughout Africa build wells and develop proper sanitation systems.

Medicine for Humanity/Global Medical Education:
an organization dedicated to setting up programs in African countries that teaches the local medical establishment how to handle women’s health care.

Our second purpose is one of education
Throughout the Best Affirmations Workbook, we encourage our readers to pass along to their friends and family the tools and techniques that they have learned.  We are truly committed to making this world a happier and saner place. 

So, with that in mind, we decided that part of our proceeds will go to fund the translation, printing, and distribution of our Best Affirmations Workbook to all the children of Africa!  We want to help the people in Africa learn how to change their mindset so that they can create better lives for themselves.    Through our connection to Healing Bridges, the Best Affirmations Workbook  is already being translated into Triginya, the national language of Eritrea.

Please join us in our goal! 
Visit  See how easy it is to change your mindset and so change your life!  And by doing so, understand that you are also helping us to change the world!!!!!

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